Harrington Seed Destructor (IHSD)

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Simpler. Better.

The Harrington Seed Destructor is the simplest, most economical, high capacity Seed Destructor on the market.

From the original concept, research and development of the Harrington Seed Destructor has a history over 25 years!  Manufactured by De Bruin Engineering for over a decade.  No wonder “Seed Destructor” is the standard industry term for mechanical harvest weed seed control!

Stone Trap

Featuring an integrated Stone Trap that captures stones, metal, tools, and anything heavy you'd rather not Destruct!  The Stone Trap has saved a lot of mills, time and money already, and has improved operator, observer and equipment safety.  When it's time, the Stone Trap can easily be emptied by releasing 2 spring bolts to jettison the trapped material. Simpler. Better.

Direct Mechanical Drive

The unique iHSD V12 vertical mill arrangement allows us to use the simplest driveline possible.  No gearboxes or 90* transmissions, just 2 belts and 3 inline pulleys drive the iHSD impact mills directly from the engine PTO.  Less moving parts, more efficient. Simpler. Better.

Vertical Mills

The iHSD V12's unique vertical mill arrangement incorporates 2x HSD impact mills fed by a high speed auger.  This combination allows the Seed Destructor to absorb peaks in chaff volume without bridging or overloading the mills.  The auger feed eliminates bridging and is a is a great advantage over a traditional horizontal mill design. Simpler. Better.


Flexible - manual grain loss counts, chaff lining, stock feed or harvesting green.  The iHSD v12 offers several options to bypass the mills. Pull the rear door a bypass (2 minutes), to installing the bypass tray and disengaging the iHSD Drive (10 minutes). There's a bypass option to suit most operational requirements. Simpler. Better.

Simple and Effective Weed Control

Harvest Weed Seed Control has become integral in many farm management plans and shortens the conventional list of weed control tasks and treatments.  Weed seed control during harvest with iHSD can eliminate burning, carting and other time consuming handling chores.  Freeing up time to be more efficient and productive. Simpler. Better.

No gearboxes, Coolers or Complex Electronics

Less moving parts means less can go wrong.  iHSD V12 has improved efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and doesn't stop you harvesting - even in a breakdown scenario.  At the end of the day if you don't need to use the Seed Destructor, because of its simple interface to the combine you could even temporarily remove it to suit operational requirements. Simpler. Better.

Darkan, Western Australia

"Who’s managing your farm? No, it’s not you! You might think you are… but weeds are managing your farm! They determine what you plant, when you sow, row spacing, your spraying programme and ultimately influence your yields!"

Ray Harrington

Riverina, New South Wales

"We knew it had been tested for years, which gives you confidence, and it seemed that they had a lot better capacity. The size of the throat, where the material goes down into the mill, is huge!"

Sandy Day

Toodyay, Western Australia

They are very easy to operate and there is little maintenance - we just grease a bearing. And the mills are worn out now, but we got 570 hours with them, which we were happy with.

Aaron Candeloro

Carnamah, Western Australia

"Burning windrows would normally take a couple of weeks and a lot of late nights. Now that we have the Seed Destructor, we’ve saved organic matter, labour and time, not to mention a plus for the environment!"

Roger Dring

Rendelsham, SA

"I have used the previous version and the latest V12 Harrington Seed Destructor, the new V12 is much simpler than the previous model. The inclusion of a stone trap creates piece of mind, plus better access to the sieves. I recommend the new iHSD V12 as a pillar of any weed management programme."

Brett Gilbertson

Gibson City, Illinois

"With the resistance to weeds increasing drastically here in Central Illinois, we needed an alternative form of control. We strive to leave the land in prime condition for the 10th generation of our family to farm and this was a great piece of equipment to help make weed prevention a reality!"

Michael McClure

Toodyay, Western Australia

We harvested green canola and swathed canola and we had no problems with any blockages.

Aaron Candeloro

Katanning, Western Australia

"It’s a bit addictive. You see some ryegrass near the gate so you drive the header over there to make sure you get it and then keep going. You know that at least 99% of all the weeds that go through the front aren’t going to germinate."

Ian Knapp

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