Harrington Seed Destructor Simpler. Better.

Direct Mechanical Drive.

The unique iHSD V12 vertical mill arrangement allows us to use the simplest driveline possible.  No gearboxes or 90* transmissions, just 2 belts and 3 inline pulleys drive the iHSD impact mills directly from the engine PTO.  Less moving parts, more efficient.  Simple.

Stone Trap.

Featuring an integrated Stone Trap that captures stones, metal, tools, and anything heavy you’d rather not Destruct!  The Stone Trap has saved a lot of mills, time and money already, and has improved operator, observer and equipment safety.  When it’s time, the Stone Trap can easily be emptied by releasing 2 spring bolts to jettison the trapped material.

Vertical Mills.

The iHSD V12’s unique vertical mill arrangement incorporates 2x HSD impact mills fed by a high speed auger.  This combination allows the Seed Destructor to absorb peaks in chaff volume without bridging or overloading the mills.  The auger feed eliminates bridging and is a is a great advantage over a traditional horizontal mill design.


There are times when you don’t want a Seed Destructor operating, manual grain loss counts, chaff lining, stock feed or harvesting green.  The iHSD v12 offers several options to bypass the mills from removing the Stone Trap door to achieve a ‘quick and dirty’ bypass (2 minutes), to installing the bypass mat and disengaging the iHSD Drive (10 minutes), to engaging the integrated chaff to chopper elevator (1 minute) [available on John Deere 2020 models only, at present].  There’s a bypass option to suit most operational requirements.

Simple and effective weed control.

Harvest Weed Seed Control has become integral in many farm management plans and shortens the conventional list of weed control tasks and treatments.  Weed seed control during harvest with iHSD can eliminate burning, carting and other time consuming handling chores.  Freeing up time to be more efficient and productive.

No gearboxes, coolers or complex electronics.

Less moving parts means less can go wrong.  iHSD V12 has improved efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and doesn’t stop you harvesting – even in a breakdown scenario.  At the end of the day if you don’t need to use the Seed Destructor, because of its simple interface to the combine you could even temporarily remove it to suit operational requirements.

Retrofit easily.

iHSD V12 retrofits to a broad range of combine makes and various models of CASE IH, New Holland, John Deere and CLAAS.  We stay busy developing installations for an ever-growing range of retrofit and new release combines.

Models available from AU$84,000*

Contact your nearest dealer today for more information

*excluding GST and installation costs.

Who's managing your farm? No, it's not you! You might think you are... but weeds are managing your farm! They determine what you plant, when you sow, row spacing, your spraying programme and ultimately influence your yields!
  • Ray Harrington

  • Farmer/Inventor

  • Western Australia

“I have used the previous version and the latest V12 Harrington Seed Destructor, the new V12 is much simpler than the previous model. The inclusion of a stone trap creates piece of mind, plus better access to the sieves. I recommend the new iHSD V12 as a pillar of any weed management programme.”
  • Brett Gilbertson

  • CASE IH 9240

  • Rendelsham SA

“I like the simple (direct) drive system of this model (Harrington Seed Destructor V12) and I personally feel that this is one of the biggest steps forward in agriculture in recent years. It didn’t limit the header at all for us. We were operating at the full 3000 RPM and at the same (ground) speeds.“
  • Ian Knapp

  • New Holland CR 10.90

  • Katanning, WA

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Check out why IHSD is the right tool to get rid of weeds. 💪

✅Weed seed kill rates (up to 99%)
✅Reduces herbicide resistant weeds
✅One Pass Processing
✅Tested & Proven ability to handle high capacities

Learn more 👉 https://loom.ly/X0JGp38

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Did you know we fabricate our own components for the iHSD right here at de Bruin Engineering, Mount Gambier SA? 🤔 💪

Learn more 👉 https://loom.ly/X0JGp38
Simpler. Better.

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Harvest 2022 is creeping up slowly...so we have to #throwback to these insanely stunning shots taken at the Tammin Community Crop from #harvest21🌾

📸 @NewHollandAG CR8.90 fitted with an @SeedDestructor coupled to a @MidwestDrapers 60 ft draper front.


Don't forget to smile 📸😀

Our customer Courtney Shaddick had a visit from Bryce Crosby from McIntosh & Son Katanning, who popped in to check up on his system throughout harvest!

We love to see our customers getting ahead on their war on weeds 🌱🚫 😍

#SeedDestructor #iHSD

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1 day ago

Wondering about how to win the war on weeds? 🛑 🌱 Check out why IHSD is the right tool to help you get rid of weeds. 💪✅Weed seed kill rates (up to 99%) as you harvest✅Reduces herbicide-resistant weeds✅One Pass Processing, no chaff carts, no windrows ✅Tested & Proven ability to handle high capacities & Australian harvestsLearn more 👉 loom.ly/X0JGp38#iHSD #SeedDestructor #SimplerBetter #HerbicideResistance #Farming #ImpactMills #TheExperts #GRDC #WeedSmart #Harvest22 #HWSC #waronweeds ... See MoreSee Less
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Did you know we fabricate our own components for the iHSD right here at de Bruin Engineering, Mount Gambier, SA? 🤔 💪We've invested in our South Australian production facility and our people to maintain the highest quality manufacturing and innovation levels. 🤩Learn more 👉 loom.ly/X0JGp38Simpler. Better.#IHSD #seeddestructor #herbicideresistance #farming #impactmills #TheExperts #hwsc #grdc #weedsmart #Harvest22 #noseedsnoweeds ... See MoreSee Less
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