Harrington Seed Destructor (IHSD)

Features & Benefits

The Harrington Seed Destructor - iHSD V12 - is the latest generation of HSD Technology

Simpler. Better.

iHSD is installed on the rear of a combine harvester and processes the chaff destroying weed seeds contained in the trash and providing harvest time weed control, preventing the vast majority of weed seeds encountered from entering the soil seed bank. The fully integrated system when purchased includes all base components to fit the combine harvester. Including pulleys, jackshafts, straw baffles, belts and monitoring system.

No impact on soil biology and will assist future generations to continue farming the land in an efficient and sustainable manner.

All with the ability to handle various crop types and keep up with the chaff processed by the latest generations of combine harvester!

Simpler. Better.

Learn about the features of the iHSD with this instructional video.

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iHSD - Simpler. Better.

  • One-Pass Harvest Weed Seed Control
  • No major change in harvesting practice
  • Improve weed control in a cropping operation without additional chemicals
  • Return processed organic matter to the paddock and retain valuable nutrients
  • No burning, reduce fire risk to property
  • No additional chaff handling
  • No additional labour required
  • Save time after harvest. Clean up, pack up, done.
  • Patented iHSD Mill Design
  • Over 99% of targeted weed seeds that enter the iHSD Mills
  • In a study condicted independently by AHRI
    • 93-97% annual ryegrass seed kill
    • over 99% wild radish seed kill
    • over 99% wild oats seed kill
    • 99% brome grass seed kill
  • Direct mechanical drive
  • Operating speed 3025-3075 RPM
  • Operating loads 78 kW at full load, 48 kW unloaded, 65 kW nominal operation at 3050 RPM mill speed
  • Full monitoring of system utilising Smart Ag systems jackal
  • More than 20 years of HSD technology
  • More than 7 years in-field testing and development of iHSD
  • Many years of published testing and field trial results
  • Industrial design in a fully fledged production model
  • Ongoing R&D and improvements fully field tested before release
  • Installed on Class 7,  8, 9 and 10 combine harvesters
  • Australian and International installations and supported by an Authorised Local Dealer
  • Parts and knowledgebase supported through a National Dealer Network
  • 3 tier in-field support network
  • Manufacturer Warranty Programme and Product Improvement Programme (R&D)
  • Conceived by Australian Farmer and Inventor Ray Harrington
  • Research and Development funded by Australia’s RD&E Investment body GRDC
  • Designed And Developed in Australia by UniSA
  • Made in Australia by an Australian Company de Bruin Engineering
  • Built tough to operate in harsh Australian conditions
  • Suitable for International conditions with units operating throughout the North America, South Africa and Europe.
  • Technology licence fees directly support Australian Research & Development

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