Harrington Seed Destructor (IHSD)

Harrington Seed Destructor

Next Generation Harrington
Seed Destructor - iHSD V12

The iHSD V12 SEED DESTRUCTOR is our most impressive configuration yet. It is a simple vertical, mechanical direct drive system that is low cost to farmer’s and low maintenance.

The iHSD attachment is designed and manufactured in Australia by De Bruin Engineering for easy installation in-field to suit a growing list of combine harvesters including, CASE IH, New Holland, and John Deere.

The fully integrated system assists farmers to DESTROY up to 99.9% of targeted weed seeds as they harvest in a single pass (AHRI/UniSA).

iHSD V12 - A fully Integrated System

The fully integrated Harrington Seed Destructor system assists farmers to destroy up to 99.9% of targeted weed seeds as they harvest in a single pass (AHRI/UniSA).

iHSD is installed neatly into a combine harvester, rear of the seives, and processes the chaff fraction of harvest waste.

Simply bypass the iHSD for easy grain loss checks, windrowing and/or harvesting without the seed destructor.

Using patented technology, iHSD mills ‘DESTRUCT’ weed seeds without the use of chemicals or burning.

iHSD is not genetically selective to herbicide resistant weeds, meaning, herbicide resistant weeds can be controlled effectively at harvest time.

‘DESTRUCTING’ resistant weed seeds makes conventional herbicide control more effective in following seasons.

No carting. No burning. No handling.

iHSD is a single-pass HWSC solution, it requires no additional labour compared to regular harvesting.

Persistent iHSD use depletes the soil seed bank and targets herbicide resistant weed populations, this results in fewer herbicide treatments.

Processed chaff is returned to the soil as more readily broken down organic residue, helping to retain soil moisture and promoting a healthy microbiology, with fewer organic supplement treatments.

Improved soil health and fewer weeds equals increased crop yields.

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